Indigenous Circle

The Indigenous Circle at Food Secure Canada is a space where Indigenous People and non-Indigenous allies can share, strategize, and act to ensure food sovereignty for Indigenous Peoples.

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Since its founding, Food Secure Canada has worked with Indigenous leaders on Indigenous food sovereignty. The first chapter of A People's Food Policy for Canada was written by Indigenous leaders addressing this issue.

Over the years, an informal circle of Indigenous leaders, thinkers and activists has convened discussions and ceremonies about food sovereignty, often in conjunction with FSC's bi-annual Assemblies. In 2016, Decolonizing the Table was a central theme of FSC's 9th assembly in Toronto. Indigenous food sovereignty was the subject of the opening and closing plenaries, as well as 14 related sessions and ceremonies.

At a strategic retreat during and immediately following the Toronto Assembly the Indigenous circle decided to constitute itself as an independent body, the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Learning Circle, with the aim of moving beyond an advisory role in FSC to an autonomous equal relationship. Food Secure Canada continues to work in close collaboration with Indigenous knowledge holders and cultural teachers, practitioners and researchers in the Learning Circle, and others, in all its programming and policy work.

The founding vision of the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Learning Circle is to “Cross fertilize diverse knowledge systems and Indigenous ways of knowing and generate action that bring us back to our original instructions and enable Indigenous peoples to adapt and respond in strength and resiliency to our own needs for adequate amounts of healthy Indigenous foods.”

The objectives are to: raise awareness of the expression of Indigenous food sovereignty; map and link active individuals and organisations; effectively position Indigenous hunting, fishing and gathering societies within the broader food sovereignty movement; and develop MoUs with FSC and other Canadian and international sustainable food system advocates.

If you have questions, need more information or would like to contribute to FSC’s work on Indigenous food sovereignty please contact


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