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[Research Report] Sustainable Consumption for All: Improving the accessibility of sustainably-produced foods in Canada

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Food Secure Canada led a research project (April 2018 - March 2019) to better understand how consumers living with low-incomes value and access sustainably grown foods, what barriers they face in doing so and what policy measures could be undertaken to facilitate greater access.


REPORT - Civil Society Engagement Towards A Food Policy for Canada

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What’s Your Recipe for a Better Food System? community engagement events were an opportunity for the community to provide input for A Food Policy for Canada. FSC members hosted 23 in-person events across Canada and 4 web sessions between July 15 and September 30, 2017.

This report was prepared for Agriculture and Agri-food Canada by FSC

Written and managed by Jennifer Reynolds


[VIDEO] Voices of Farm Renewal in Canada

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Food Secure Canada Releases Short Video on Farm Renewal in Canada

Tuesday, February 28, 2018

Food Secure Canada teamed up with filmmaker Jocelyne Clark to produce a short video on how Canada can better support new farmers and farm renewal to ensure a strong and sustainable food system for generations to come. The film features interviews with three farmers in Quebec, as they share their perspectives on the challenge and opportunities of farming and the future of agriculture in Canada. 

Options for New Farmer Training: A Scan of Farmer Training Programs in North America

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Options for New Farmer Training: A Scan of Farmer Training Programs in North America, explores different models of practical farmer training across North America. This report is the result of a research partnership between FLEdGE: Food, Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged researchers, the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO), and the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training Southwest Ontario (CRAFT).

[New Book] Everyday Experts: How Peoples Knowledge Can Transform the Food System

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New Book Available Free for Download

We face a series of national and global food-related crises. In the UK and in many parts of the world there are record levels of obesity, while there are also rising numbers experiencing malnutrition, including some of those who are obese. A UK government minister says our soils may only last another thirty years because of their mismanagement.

Annotated Bibliography on Structural Racism Present in the U.S. Food System: Fifth Edition

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This annotated bibliography provides current research and outreach on structural racism in the U.S. food system for the food system practitioner, researcher, and educator. Structural racism in the United States has been defined as the “normalization and legitimization of an array of dynamics—historical, cultural, institutional, and interpersonal—that routinely advantage whites while producing cumulative and chronic outcomes for people of color.”

A response from the New Farmers’ Working Group to Farms Forever

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Beginning in May, The New Farmers’ Working Group, a working group drawn from Sustain Ontario’s Farming and Farmland Network with a few external stakeholders drafted a response to the Farms Forever consultation by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).  The document was submitted and signed by the organizations forming this working group, all of whom are key organizations working to support new farmers across the province: Just Food, Farms at Work, Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance, Roots to Harvest, Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN) and Everdale.