The Sustainable Development Goals

The government of Canada has committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which include ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture by 2030. In this hub, we break down what the SDGs are and why they are important to the food movement. 


SDGs and the food movement: An overview

 What are the SDGs?

 What is the food movement's role?

 FSC's engagement with the SDGs

 Leaving no one behind

 Aligning the Food Policy with SDG targets and indicators

 Civil society engagement essential to meeting the SDGs


Food Secure Canada's SDG Content

Below is a select group of Food Secure Canada’s SDG content, including our commentary on current events as they relate to the SDGs and our research paper on school food as a pathway to meeting the SDGs. 

Canada is committed to meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Launched in 2015, the SDGs provide a roadmap to advance the health of people and the planet. How could a national school food program help Canada advance its SDG commitments? And how could Canada design school food programs so that they best advance the SDGs? Read FSC's latest paper.

The new Canadian government has a lot on its plate. As our newly elected officials begin to set their work plans and mandates, a priority should be taking significant steps towards achieving the SDGs by 2030. What has stalled the country's progress to date, and what steps should Canada take to get back on track? Read more.

Food Movement News on the SDGs

In addition to our own overview and materials, you can find below articles, research reports and resources on the SDGs from other actors in the food movement.

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