New Farmers


Farmers are an integral part of strengthening food sovereignty in Canada, yet we are facing an alarming decline in farms across Canada. Over 50% of Canadian farmers are 55 years or older. What’s more, only one in 12 farm operators has a formal succession plan for how to transfer their farm operation to the next generation.

Thankfully, there is a growing interest in agriculture as a career from a diverse group of new farmers, and many are succeeding in developing successful farm businesses. However more needs to be done to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for Canadian Agriculture.


Food Secure Canada is engaging in a ongoing dialogue across Canada with farmers and organizations that work to support our agricultural community. New farmers face significant challenges in terms of access to land, capital, training and labour- challenges that make it difficult to achieve success in agriculture. Many farmers and community organizations have created innovative solutions, but lack the funding and resources to make it happen. At the same time, deeper tensions and challenges within the agricultural sector as a whole threaten the viability of small-scale ecological farming and require immediate government intervention.

A host of challenges are also found in the fisheries, not the least of which is an impending crisis of sustainability. This crisis will have deep ramifications for fishers and the coastal communities dependent upon them.  FSC does not currently have an active project on sustainable fisheries, but we welcome your suggestions on how to advance this important work.

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