Local Sustainable Food Systems Network

Due to a lack of capacity, the Local and Sustainable Food Systems Network is currently inactive.

The Local and Sustainable* Food Systems Network unites organizations across Canada to strengthen and improve local and regional food systems.

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To learn more about the results of our work together, click here (Annual Meeting Proceedings, Food Assessment Reports, Business Bootcamp archives).


Did you know?

  • Global integration of food supply chains over the past half century has resulted in the gutting of much of the infrastructure (physical and knowledge) for place-based food systems.

  • The farming and fishing populations continue to decline, resulting in aging producers with few succession plans among those remaining.


What we do

  • Connect in order to learn from each other and undertake collective action.

  • Facilitate strategic leadership and engagement in public policy change that will help shift markets to sustainability.

  • Seek to broaden the dialogue on Network priorities among academics, government representatives, elected officials, civil society organizations and private businesses, including farmers and fishers.

The Network identifies common challenges and is developing strategies suitable for collective or national intervention. These include barriers to new farmers and fishers and the challenging regulatory and market environment for sustainable meat systems.


Why we do what we do

Local food systems build vibrant and healthy food systems, environments, and communities. By supporting local farmers and fishers, and ensuring that the infrastructure and markets that surround them are supportive, we ensure that all Canadians everywhere can benefit from a thriving local food economy.


* Development is sustainable when it meets the needs of the present without compromising the environment, the economy, and society, now and in the future.



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