National community of practice on food security

Over the years, leaders from across the food system have worked together with government to create a patchwork of policies to address food insecurity. At the same time, actors from the non-profit, academic, healthcare, community, farming and private sectors have worked tirelessly to help their communities eat healthier and partake in their local food system. Now, with a federal government set to create the first National Food Policy, we can truly say the movement has come a long way. As we move forward however, we ask: what can we do together that we cannot do alone?


To answer this question, Food Secure Canada, in partnership with the Social Planning Council of Sudbury is excited to announce Vision 20/20: a project aiming to bring together leaders from across the food system, who are committed to deepening capacity for effective and meaningful food security interventions. The group will form a community of practice, essentially a group of people with shared interests and a commitment to collective learning and collaboration.


View the project briefing here


This project is funded by the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security.